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Why Bamboo

Many of our clients wonder why we’ve chosen such an obscure material to focus our brand and products around. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth; it is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. When we learned that this stand-out plant has been used to create houses, commercial properties, and flooring, we knew it would be durable enough for our products.

And we were right.

Bamboo’s natural fibers actually make it stronger than hardwood, yet its flexibility allows it to grow into specific shapes. Lightweight, long-lasting, and affordable, bamboo is the secret to allowing our clients to purchase designer sunglasses without breaking the bank. If that isn’t enough, bamboo cultivation can reduce up to 35-percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

From a stylistic approach, people recognize bamboo. The unique color and shape ensure that those of all walks of life know exactly what they are looking at. We believe in producing quality, fashionable, and bold products that turn heads and protect your eyes. With a recognizable but exclusive material like bamboo, our products do all of the above.

We use the highest-grade bamboo on the planet and pair it with premium materials to reinforce what we already know to be true — these sunglasses will surpass any you’ve had before in both design and functionality. Shop for yours today and make a statement.